Monday, 14 April 2014


Amsterdam Farm Preparation

Chef Carolina Alberts cooking from the van Zyl's garden
Picking Zinnias that were planted for this night
Consol Solar jars with Adanna's Logo
Helpful friends

Model Preperation

Simone Odendal
Marine Stapelberg
Imke Nel
Ma en dogter
Marlu doing a fantastic job with the hair and make-up
Ncabule (shoes made from tyres)


Friends and family enjoying the magical night
See more of the guests here
grounded                                                                         growth                                                                                 flourish 
Grand finale - Guaranteed dutch wax, VLISCO!
For the rest of the outfits go here

FASHION SHOW 2014 - The six outfits

Adanna's first fashion show's theme was growth, since the night was a celebration of Adanna's development. The fashion show was divided into three sections - grounded, growth and flourish. 

Grounded - Outfit #1 - Simone Odendal

Growth - Outfit #2 - Marine Stapelberg

Flourish - Outfit #3 - Imke Nel

Grounded - Outfit #4 - Simone Odendal

Growth - Outfit #5 - Marine Stapelberg

 Flourish - Outfit #6 - Imke Nel

                          Models: Simone Odendal, Marine Stapelberg & Imke Nel
                          Hair & Makeup: Marlu van Aardt
                          Clothing & Styling: Adanna
                          Photography: Madelene Kruger

FASHION SHOW 2014 - photo booth

This is all the wonderful people I have the pleasure of calling my friends!  Some of them I have know all my life and some I got to know through Adanna. What a wonderful bunch of fellows! Thank you Dames & Here for bearing the cold weather to celebrate Adanna with us! 
We Salute you!